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Many times in life we all get ONE CHANCE to Make or Do something right. Something that makes No Sense but Encourages a sort of Change. Have you ever wondered, when will someone come to help make that change? Have you ever wondered why Change come so Fast? - Well, Change is now and The Changer will be YOU! Sitting and Waiting for a change is fictional. Making the Change happen is Human Reality. You were always strong - now it's time to show: * Who You Are! * Why Your Here! * And, WHAT YOU WANT! S.G.S Enterprises CHALLENGES YOU! Start a New Hobby, Job or Membership with S.G.S Enterprises. Take your Time, Look at your surroundings and See the Change needed and How Strong it MUST BE. Then, start creating your Uniform / Suit in order to complete the S.G.S Registration Form (Free of Charge). S.G.S Enterprises is a Armed & Unarmed Security Association that points against unbidden laws. We are a Private Sector under Rule 24. Intervention, LII Federal Rules of Civil Procedure . Isn't it TIME to start a New Future learning New Things and Gaining the New Evolution we've all hoped for? We CAN do it - Together. Join S.G.S Enterprises. "Sometimes, things that hurt makes the change. And sometimes laying down leaves YOU as the blame", Owner of S.G.S Enterprises & Blackfield Protection Plus. * Brainstorm - Think of the Protection that you will need if you were caught in a Fight or Harassed. What are the weak points of your body? * Build: Build A beta Suit then Contact Us

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