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LIVE Sessions now Available

Fantasy Island now Open!!! 

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COVID-19's Real Name: The Black Death was the beginning of the second plague pandemic.

[5] The plague created religious, social, and economic upheavals, with profound effects on the course of European history (Welcome to the future, the beginning of the End/Old).

All Sessions may require a Covid-19 screening which is backed up by Law Firm Parker & Stanbury in Los Angeles, CA.


All LIVE Sessions are Disinfected with Clorox Cleaning Solutions and Maintained so No Germs are passed on.


All Sessions REQUIRE Temperature Scanning before Entry (Forehead & Ear Exams may be asked in addition).

Please wait if you feel any symptoms of Covid-19 or Common Cold, for I am NOT responsible for the failure of health issues.


Please, let's Play & Enjoy our only life - and Let's Play Fair.


By Law, you are now required to state truth of STD, STI and Cold / Flu's upon session entry. Professional Tests Available on Site.

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