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Ages : All using INTERNET (Tracking Time Available - 24/7)

Free of charge

Now Hiring: Positions listed under Training

This EBS Button provides a Secure & Honorable source of protection for not just the Business or High Level Individual but The modern housewife or The child that walks alone to School. There are No Tracking once the Secure Button on the Trackme App is turned OFF - and ON when you Figure, Think or Are for sure you are in danger. We appreciate your participation in this matter. We recommend that ALL PEOPLE living and breathing and Wish to keep themselves Active, Healthy & ALIVE to Download this app - Do your research and Don't put yourself in bad conditions. Stay Stay, Follow the rules and Live Long.  

Disclaimer: In order to use this button you MUST first CLICK ABOVE at the HELP button to Sign Up. Using this button for any reason other than Emergency Service Needs will result in a punishment fine of $15,000.00 and/or Criminal Conviction Report. The ESB ( Emergency Systems Broadcasting ) Button provides a service that may provide service for / with The Law Enforcement Agency in your needed location. This is NOT a toy, please make sure all children Using / Carrying the Device/System has the knowledge and understand they need to stay safe with this system. This system is Free of Charge and May be downloaded by adults 18 Years +

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