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Training & Certification 


* Work Available immediately  

Training, License(s) and Intermediate Courses


Blackfield Protection Agency's management team realizes that one of the differences in our security personnel and that of our competitors is our commitment to training. Our state license instructor’s teach from one of the most comprehensive training programs recognized by the State of Florida. We utilize cutting edge computers and video training techniques. All Blackfield Protection Agency's officers receive instruction in the following areas:

Licenses are listed below and require Annual Renewals. 

* All COURSES & LICENSE(S) ISSUANCE are Purchased & Provided upon Application Approval within 72 Hours of Sign Up. Purchases are made via Credit Card and Processed Immediately. No Refunds are provided after Sign Up. Employment Application may be found in the Main Menu, under Training!


These are EXTRA and AVAILABLE Add-On Plans. 

Basic Plans can be located Here

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